“STUGNA” round comprising antitank guided missile

“STUGNA” round  comprising  antitank  guided  missile “STUGNA” round  comprising  antitank  guided  missile“STUGNA” round  comprising  antitank  guided  missile



Round comprising antitank guided missile is intended to destroy, while firing from the tank T-55 or antitank artillery gun МТ-12, stationary and moving modern armoured targets with combined, carried or monolithic armour, including ERA (explosive reactive armour), as well as against pinpoint targets like weapon emplacements, a tank in a trench, light-armoured objects and helicopters. 



Maximum firing range, m 5000
Flight time at maximum range, s 16,8

Guidance system 

semiautomatic by laser beam


- type 

- armour penetration behind ERA, mm 


tandem hollow-charge

not less than 550

Round weight, kg

not more than 24,5

Overall dimensions, mm:

- missile calibre

- round length




Operating temperature range, оС  from minus 40 to +60