“GURT-M” system

  GURT-M systemGURT-M systemGURT-M system



Nowadays the State Enterprise “State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch” supplies the “GURT-M” system instead of the “GURT” system which has been manufactured since 1984 and delivered to more than 40 countries all over the world. 

The modernized “GURT-M” system ensures:

- check and preparation for application of more than 50 various modifications of air missiles and corrected air bombs;
- missile outgoing inspection at manufacturing plants;
- failure diagnosis while missiles repairing;
- forecast of missiles technical state while prolonging their service life.

“GURT-M” system advantages:

- overall and weight performances of the АКPА are reduced;
- characteristics of operational reliability are improved;
- up-to-date methods of visualization and documenting of the test results are introduced. The usage of the modern industrial computer allows to document the results in various languages and also to correct the check routines while in operation;
- long-term storage of results of missiles testing for the whole operation period is secured that allows to forecast their technical state while prolonging their service life;
- power supply systems, created on the basis of static transducers of improved comfort (efficient, noiseless in operation, convenient in maintenance), are applied in the АКPА6.2М;
- specialized equipment, in addition to the AKPA, can also include diagnostic equipment sets (KDO) which allows to pinpoint failures in missiles for their repairing. The missiles for which the KDO are designed are marked with red.

The list of services carried out by the State Enterprise “State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch” for the system:

- delivery of the “GURT-M” system in any kitting-up;
- modernization of the “GURT” system that is in operation into the “GURT-M” system. Modernization of the AKPA6.1M is carried out through additional equipment set delivery;
- extension of the assigned service life;
- repair and delivery of the spare parts.

GURT-M system