Guided mortar armament system

guided mortar armament system 


Guided mortar armament system comprising 120-mm high-precision guided mine for combat use from the 2B11 mortar is designed to destroy modern armoured and unarmoured, moving and stationary equipment as well as pinpoint engineering structures. 

The system includes:

- 120-mm high-precision guided mine; 
- laser target designator range-finder that ensures targets detection, monitoring and identification on location, their spherical coordinates measurement (range, position and elevation angles) and designation by method of laser illumination of the target; 
- shot synchronization system that provides “fire” command transmission for automatic switching on of the laser target designator range-finder illumination mode with a specified delay;
- installable device that provides initial data input into the guided mine control system; 
- radio stations that ensure digital and vocal connection between the observation station and the firing post. 

guided mortar armament system 


Firing range, m from 1000 up to 7500

Mine control system

(on the terminal part of the trajectory)

laser semiautomatic homing

Guided mine calibre, mm


Guided mine weight, kg


Guided mine length, mm


Warhead type

high-explosive fragmentation

Target hit probability 0,75-0,80
Operating temperature range, оС  from minus 40 to +60