The State Enterprise “State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch” (hereinafter SKDB “Luch”) was found in 1965 in the USSR as the main developer of control and fault diagnostic automated systems for special-purpose aircraft equipment.

During it’s history the Enterprise has developed and put into production more than 40 types of sophisticated scientific products, including  automated and automatic control and diagnostics systems of air weapons, electric control actuator units, other systems and units of high-precision weapons and also systems of testing and management of technological processes in the industry, sophisticated medical equipment and consumer goods. 
Production developed by SKDB “Luch” is successfully operated not only in Ukraine but also in many countries around the world.

SKDB “Luch” main developments include:

1965 – development and release for production of PPP-3SM mobile position of preliminary preparation for application (with its location on UAZ car chassis) with air-to-air missiles manual control and PPP-3SAM mobile position of preliminary preparation for application with missiles automatic control system as a basis for creation of further missile automatic control systems for the Air and Navy Forces.

1965-1969 – creation and release for production of SAK-46 automatic control system for control of air missiles and automatic control and AKIPS-80 test mobile station for control of anti-submarine missiles. In the Soviet Union the mentioned developments were recognized as a first automatic control systems by the State Commissions.

1968-1972 – development and release for production of “Ingul” system (with its location on GAZ-66 car chassis) for preparation for application and maintenance of 9 types of air missiles.

1968-1977 – development and release for production of automatic test and control mobile stations:

- AKIPS-125 for underwater missiles control; 
- AKIPS-4U for  anti-submarine missiles control; 
- AKIPS-4U1 for torpedoes control.

1969-1977 – development and release for production of “Trubezh” system for preparation for application and maintenance of 12 types of air missiles.

1975-1977 – creation of current information aircraft recorder - RIU.

1977-1980 – development and release for production of “Ingul-A” and “Trubezh-A” systems with use of modularity (container) equipment construction for preparation for application and control of 26 types of missiles and guided air bombs (“Ingul-A”) and 18 types of missiles (“Trubezh-A”).

1978-1989 – development and release for production of automatic control and test mobile stations AKIPS-1 and AKIPS-3.2 for control of air anti-submarine missiles.
All mentioned stations were put into service by the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union and a number of foreign countries.

1981-1983 – development and release for production of multipurpose modular “Gurt” system which provides the preparation for application of more than 40 types of missiles and their various modifications. The “Gurt” system replaced “Ingul” and “Trubezh” systems that were in service.

In addition to new equipment samples development SKDB “Luch” is actively engaged in modernization and overhaul-period renewal of existing equipment.

By the respective coordinated decisions of the ministries of Ukraine the SKDB “Luch” was assigned as a Principal enterprise of Ukraine that conducts and coordinate works on specified life cycle and  lifetime prolongation of air, anti-aircraft missiles, mine and torpedo weapon, the “Ingul” and “Gurt” systems as well as AKIPS stations.

Since 1979 SKDB “Luch” has been developing and producing units of servo electric control surface actuators of control systems of air, anti-aircraft missiles and torpedoes. More than ten steering modules with electric actuators were developed for products of various classes which according to their characteristics are highly competitive with the best world analogs.

Thus, for example, in 1986 the block of servo electric control surface actuators for R-77 air-to-air missile with lattice control surfaces was created. On the basis of the compact commutatorless electric motors created in Ukraine for the previous decade the SKDB “Luch” developed and has been producing a number of small-sized units of servo electric control surface actuators for the guided tank missiles. Actuators are a part of developed and produced by the SKDB “Luch” digital control systems which provide rounds and missiles precise guidance. Actuators provide high accuracy characteristics, have increased jamming resistance and withstand overloads which take place during firing from guns. 

Since 2002 the SKDB “Luch” has been supplying (instead of the “Gurt” system) the “Gurt-M” system which provides:

- control and preparation for application of more than 50 various modifications of air missiles and guided air bombs;
- final checking of missiles at manufacturing plants;
- fault diagnostic during missiles repair;
- missiles technical state forecast during overhaul-period renewal.

Nowadays the SKDB “Luch” is a Principal enterprise that develops conceptually new special military equipment for Ukraine. Comprehensive program developed by SKDB “Luch” on creation of the mentioned equipment with participation of over than 30 Ukrainian enterprises is approved. Products developed under this program are included in the top-priority category.

Among output production the following is worth to be mentioned:

- round comprising “Stugna” and “Kombat” antitank guided missiles are intended for firing from gun MT-12 or from various tanks modifications;
- “Skif” man portable antitank missile system is capable to hit the modern fixed and mobile targets from sheltered positions;
- “Bar’er” vehicle-carried antitank missile system is mounted on fighting vehicle turret (ICV or APC type) and “Bar’er-V” is its helicopter version;
- unguided and guided air missiles for aircrafts and helicopters fitting.

Along with the development of a new military equipment samples by using the acquired experience and advanced technologies a number of medical equipment products, household appliances and devices, more than 20 types of consumer goods were developed by SE SKDB “Luch”.

Among the SE SKDB “Luch” employees defended 2 have defended doctor's and 26 master's dissertations, more than 1000 scientific products were published, more than 300 author's certificates and patents for inventions were received.

For the achievements in development of new equipment samples more than 100 Enterprise's employees were awarded with orders, medals and other honorary titles. 

Some SE SKDB “Luch” developments were honoured with State Prizes of Ukraine in field of science and technology.