Corrected air bomb

corrected air bomb  


The bomb is intended for destruction of the ground-based targets like railway bridges, concrete constructions, runways, radar stations, positions of operative and tactical missiles, antiaircraft missile systems as well as waterborne targets at the level flight, diving and pulling-up of the carrier with the “drop-and-forget” principle realisation.

It is equipped with a television seeker which ensures the targets locking-on under the aircraft and automatic guidance at in autonomy flight.



Operational range, km:

- from the altitude of 0,5 km 

- from the altitude of 5 km     


up to 8

up to 20

Target aiming accuracy (CEP), m 3 – 5

Aircraft velocity while dropping, m/s

200 – 300

Diameter, mm


Weight, kg


Warhead weight, kg


Warhead type             high-explosive
Type of suspension     АKU-58