“SOKIL-2” container-launched unmanned aerial vehicle

безпілотний літальний апарат контейнерного старту «СОКІЛ-2» безпілотний літальний апарат контейнерного старту «СОКІЛ-2»



Unmanned Aerial Vehicle of multiple use “SOKIL-2” is launched from the container. It is intended for reconnaissance in real time with the possibility of video information storage and viewing, targets positioning  and the possibility to transmit information to the command post. UAV is a part of the reconnaissance system that is mounted on a combat vehicle of ICV or APC type.

“SOKIL-2” container-launched unmanned aerial vehicle that is launched


Flight range UAV, m

20 000

Flight time, h

1,5 – 2

Control mode        

remote, programmed with GPS

Propulsion device    

electric engine

Cruising speed, km/h

100 – 120

Launch type        

from transport and launching container

UAV mass, kg


Payload mass, kg


Transport and launching container dimensions, mm:

- length

- diameter