“BAR’ER-VK” naval missile guided weapon system

“BAR’ER-VK” naval missile guided weapon system


“Bar’er-VK” naval missile guided weapon system is designed to destroy ships as well as coastal moving and stationary modern armoured targets and light-armoured objects, coastal fortified firing positions and helicopters with missiles RK-2V.

”Barer-VK” system includes:

- base with actuators; 
- remote control panel;
- guidance device with thermal imager;
- traverse platform;
- control unit;
- launching rail;
- article RK-2V (missile R-2V in transport and launching container TPK-2V); 
- cables set;
- spares and accessories kit;
- operating documentation set;
- set of checking equipment.



Maximum firing range, m

not less than 7000

Flight time to maximum range, s

not more than 30

Missile control system

by laser beam with target tracking in automatic mode


- tandem shaped charge with armour penetration

behind explosive reactive armour, mm 

- high-explosive fragmentation with

number of fragments of 2-3 g weight, pcs 



not less than 800


up to 900

Weight, kg:

- system

- missile in container




Overall dimensions, mm:

- launching unit with two missiles RK-2V

- missile caliber

- container diameter

- container length






Traverse platform angles of rotation, …o:

- heading angle

- elevation

- roll angle 


from minus 150 to +150

from minus 25 to +60


Targets detection range, km


Operating temperature range, oC

from minus 40 to +60