АК-1 ground control equipment

 АК-1 ground control equipmentАК-1 ground control equipmentАК-1 ground control equipment



AK-1 ground control equipment is designed for a target observation, selection and tracking, as well as for aiming of the item 111 (МТ-12) at a target while firing from the MT-12 antitank gun by method of teleorientation in the laser beam.

AK-1 ground control equipment consists of:

- guidance device PN-K; 
- traverse platform;
- power supply;
- set of cables. 



Range, m         from 50 to 5000

AK-1 equipment angles of turn, ...о:

- horizontally

- vertically        


from minus 45 to +45

from minus 10 to +30

AK-1 equipment readiness time to

fire once the power is supplied, minutes 


not more than 1

AK-1 equipment transition time from

stowed to combat position, minutes 


not more than 2

Weight of AK-1 equipment, kg 

not more than 50

Operating temperature range, оС  from minus 40 to +60