АR-8 aircraft rocket

АR-8 aircraft rocket



AR-8 aircraft rocket is intended for destruction of different kinds of ground targets (tanks, APC, self-propelled artillery launchers, missile launchers, radar stations, parked aircrafts, ammunition depots, special trains, manpower). The rocket is launched from the B8М and B8V20 launching units that form a part of an aircraft rocket armament of the following types of aircrafts: SU-17, SU-24, SU-25, SU-27, MiG-23, МіG-27, МіG-29 as well as helicopters: Мi-24, Мi-28 and Мi-8.

АR-8 aircraft rocket



Firing range, m

1200 – 4000

Calibre, mm 80

Missile length, mm


Missile weight, kg


Warhead weight, kg


Warhead type 


Damage effect:

- armour penetration, mm 

- amount of fragments, pcs    


not less than 400

not less than 500