Scientific and technical potential

At the present time State Kyiv Design Bureau "Luch" is one of the leading developers of aircraft and anti-tank armament systems component parts in Ukraine.

The Enterprise scientific and technical potential and production capacities allow to supply a wide range of military products and to perform a wide range of services:
- scientific researches and development works, production manufacturing and supply on customer technical request;
- modernization, repair and maintenance of delivered military equipment on customer request;
- post-warranty service of delivered military equipment, training and preparation of technicians.

In everyday work SKDB "Luch" pays great attention to the Enterprise scientific and technical development, production base improvement, new technical processes implementation.

Today SKDB "Luch" is:
- modern electronics;
- advanced technologies;
- competitive production;
- the shortest terms of new equipment samples development and manufacturing;
- high quality and reliability of performed work.

As general designer the Enterprise has an exclusive right to perform services on life time prolongation, repair, modernization and maintenance of control and diagnostics systems of "Trubezh", "Ingul", "Gurd" and AKIPS in Ukraine and abroad.

Basing on powerful scientific and technical potential and it’s own highly-qualified personnel State Kyiv Design Bureau "Luch" is able to solve the most sophisticated tasks on creation of modern military equipment as well as science-based, high-tech civil production.